Rolling Hills Clinic is driven by a code of integrity and is committed to providing quality patient care.

About Rolling Hills Clinic

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Rolling Hills Clinic’s Mission

Rolling Hills Clinic is a customer focused medical and dental clinic providing our rural communities convenient, quality healthcare. Rolling Hills Clinic fills a timely need for services that combine an atmosphere of warmth and compassion.

What does Rolling Hills Clinic Do?

Rolling Hills Clinic is home to a professional medical staff and dental staff that takes time to listen to you and answer your questions; educate you about your treatment options; and consistently provide quality care that is affordable and effective. All dental and medical appointments must be scheduled in advance. Please give us a call today to schedule your next visit.

Why does Rolling Hills Clinic Exist?

Rolling Hills Clinic's Purpose

Rolling Hills Clinic works to maintain and enhance its position as an exceptional health care provider; a valuable partner in the community; a growing and profitable organization and a family of professionals operating by the highest ethical standards.

What does Rolling Hills Clinic Stand For?

Rolling Hills Clinic is driven by a code of integrity and is committed to providing quality patient care and outstanding customer service to become the premier medical and dental provider in the rural communities we serve.

What are Rolling Hills Clinic's Goals?

  • Community acceptance as the go to for care, cost and service.
  • Patient outcomes monitored
  • Customer service satisfaction measured
  • Timely and accurate billing systems in place
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“My son, Jake, had a very painful toothache that needed immediate care. Rolling Hills Clinic was able to facilitate our needs. Dr. Choi treated my child with compassion and was able to take care of his pain. I am very appreciative of the Doctors and staff at Rolling Hills Clinic”.

John P.
Dental Patient

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